Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grow your business in 2009 with fresh Eco-Friendly ideas from PrintGlobe!

PrintGlobe recommends Eco-Friendly products to help grow your business successfully in this challenging current economy. It’s more important than ever to create a promotion that won’t get thrown away the next day. Give the gift of green and make your customers smile with appreciation!

Advertising with Eco-friendly promotional has many great benefits:

Green is In
The rapid rise of ecologically sensitive consumers and green marketing products mark an important new trend to sweep the nation. More and more, consumers are appreciating and adopting socially responsible products and ecologically friendly goods. Don’t be left out! Eco-friendly products not only promote a healthier environment and positive ideas, green products also illustrate growth and turning over a new leaf.

Custom eco-friendly products from PrintGlobe are available at a budget-friendly cost. We have an extensive selection of personalized products to choose from in a variety of price points. PrintGlobe carries something for everyone, whether you are promoting a small business, running a mid-sized campaign, or are buying for millions, we have you covered.

Less Waste
Promote without creating waste. Ecologically friendly marketing will make a fantastic impression while protecting the environment. People care when you take the time to promote with sustainable products and eco-friendly items.

Check out our top recommended Eco-Friendly products for growing your business in 2009.

Grow Cups
Make a memorable first impression with these unique Grow Cups. These custom Grow Cups include a fun smiley face cup with matching garden clogs. Our promotional grow cups are recyclable and come with a nutrient rich soil wafer for a user-friendly planting kit. Choose from four seed varieties for a blooming, interactive promotional gift. These promotional plants are great for office gifts, trade-shows, earth friendly promotions and much more.

Reusable Shopping Bags
Make a lasting statement and show environmental responsibility while advertising your business with Custom Reusable Shopping Bags from PrintGlobe. Print your logo on reusable shopping bags and let the world know that you're looking after the planet. Our printed recycled totes help reduce the waste of plastic bags and provide a reusable billboard for getting your brand recognized. The more use your promotional product receives, the bigger impact it will have – Shop PrintGlobe and save!

Recycled Paper Pens
Get your logo into their hands while being environmentally sensible with these unique Recycled Paper Pens. Our custom recycled pens are comprised of recycled paper, recycled plastic, and recycled wood. These popular environmentally friendly pens will make a great impact or your advertising campaign. Personalized recycled pens are highly effective for business promotions, fundraisers, giveaways and environmental campaigns. Browse our extensive selection of recycled and biodegradable pens and pencils and save!

Custom Seed Packets
Custom seed packets are an effective and affordable way to promote your business. Advertise your business is turning over a new leaf, the growth of a new partnership, or promote a positive campaign and more. Printed seed packets are perfect for direct mail promotions, tradeshow giveaways, environmental campaigns and more.

Seed Infused Door Hangers
Give two promos in one and watch your business bloom with Seed Infused Doorhangers! These custom doorhangers will advertise door to door without excess waste. Each printed seed infused doorhanger features a variety of growable Pop-Out shapes along with your custom imprint. A perfect way to advertise, Seed Infused Door hangers serve as a great leave behind and plantable gift!

Shop PrintGlobe's selection of custom seeded products, eco-friendly items and personalized seed infused promotions today for homegrown advertising campaigns with an impact! View our complete line of Eco-Friendly Products & Seed Infused Promotions.